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Joanne WILSON, coach and legal advisor

Joanne Wilson, bilingual and bicultural (French and American), with university degrees in law, literature, psychotherapy and sociotherapy, as well as in-depth international experience in commercial negotiation and contract writing, offers pragmatic training that is immediately applicable with lasting effects. Convinced that “each person does the best he can with the means of which he disposes”, she aspires through her trainings to increase these means and open windows towards New Attitudes.

La Grimaudière
125, chemin du Baou Traouca 06810 Auribeau sur Siagne
E-mail :
Tél fixe : 04 93 36 48 57
Portable: 06 26 41 77 70
Fax : 04 93 36 27 87

After growing up in New England and earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature, Joanne moved to France where she wrote and negotiated international contracts for oil companies for fifteen years before returning to university studies. On one side, law – she has a firth-year Law degree in International Economic Relations, specialized in developing countries and economic consequences of munitions such as landmines. On the other side, psychology – she has a post-graduate degree in Methodology in Psychotherapy and Sociotherapy from Paris University at Necker Hospital and is also certified to teach Psychosynthesis by the French Institute of Psychosynthesis in Paris.

Late 1999 while awaiting orders to join a task-force in Kosovo for the European Commission, she was asked to coach unemployed bilingual executives for the Executive Platform of the French Employment Office (ANPE) in Versailles. As of the first day, she improvised a hybrid course, drawn from pragmatic legal studies and empathetic humanist movements in psychology which enabled the executives to acquire a true attitude of partnership. « They arrived in the morning so morose and with such anxiety, that they looked as gray as the Parisian sky, whereas that same evening they were different people, glowing with hope.

She continues to give courses in Personal Development at the French Institute of Psychosynthesis, as well as thematic workshops such as Transforming my Weaknesses into Qualities. She also trains bereaved parents in Listening Skills for their work with newly bereaved parents in the Jonathan Living Stones Association, where she has also led sessions dealing with particularly difficult cases of listening to suffering people. Consultant for Ad'Missions, she coaches personalities and high-level executives in creativity; in stress management and emotional intelligence; in delegation and team motivation; and, in general, in attaining their objectives efficiently and harmoniously.

At the University of Versailles she taught Recruitment Techniques to fifth-year students in Human Resources, Contract Law to fifth-year students in a Transport and Security program, and English and American Legal Systems to second-year students. She presides Caurif,Association, offering at-cost training for those who wouldn’t otherwise have access financially to such courses. She moved to the Riviera in 2006 all while continuing training sessions in Paris and the provinces. She is currently finishing the writing of two books, one on The Legal Foundations of the Obligation to Demine, the other on Handling Resistance to Change, of which excerpts can be found on this site.