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Before commencing coaching sessions clients and trainers meet to identify needs and priorities and clarify requests concerning one or more participants. The client’s objectives and desired results are reformulated by the trainer for verification.

Participants considered for receiving coaching sessions meet the trainer during a one-hour session during which the participant’s objectives and desired results are defined and clarified. Methodology is outlined with eventually a sample exercise.

If client’s objectives and those of the participant concord, a priced offer of coaching services is addressed to the client specifying the total number of hours estimated to obtain desired results, with a recommended time schedule (number, duration of each session and time between sessions) and a recommended payment schedule.

If the coaching bid is acceptable as written, the client returns a signed copy to Ad’Missions who rapidly establishes with the participant a calendar and starting date.

Pedagogical contents are taken from the fields listed here below, and are presented in the order most propitious to obtain rapid and lasting results for the participant(s).

Developing self confidence and authenticity through better self-awareness and self-esteem
  • Identifying the participant’s indisputable qualities through provable and transposable successes
  • Identifying participant’s « weaknesses » to bring them to fair proportions as a quality (polarities)
  • Letting go of beliefs and thoughts having programmed unwanted behaviour
  • Identifying the participant’s obligations, aspirations, possibilities and intentions ; taking needs into account
  • Conscious and wilful choices, risks and hazards when establishing priorities
  • Defining distinctions between needs and wants, knowing how to set and maintain a navigable course
  • Identifying the entire number of steps necessary to successfully reach the projects goals
  • Organising and managing time and stress
  • Expressing clear, concise, fluid and precise ideas in journalistic style, writing work
  • Managing the first impression one gives
Developing interpersonal skills while remaining true to oneself, the I’m OK, You’re OK attitude
  • An overview of contemporary relational theories on interpersonal skills
  • Techniques for identifying needs and wished of one’s interlocutor
  • Managing multi-facets in oneself and in others
  • Discussion on career search difficulties, finding one’s job, finding the right candidate for a job
  • Managing refusal of others, knowing how to say “no” without guilt
  • Speaking in public
  • Active listening, body language and meta messages; non judgemental vocabulary
  • Protocol and etiquette in the business world (etiquette in accordance with work places and cultures)
  • The notion of the extra person in a group and the necessity to take it into account
  • Negotiating with difficult people, including psycho rigid people

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