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Centre Auribellois de Formation

The Auribellois Training Centre (or CAURIF),situated on the French Riviera between Cannes and Grasse, is a non profit association registered under French laws. Its training sessions are open to people who wouldn't otherwise have financial access to such courses, being neither salaried employees nor registered job hunters. Some non profit associations are eligible for these courses for their volunteers (contact us). Resources of the association come from membership fees, eventual subsidies, gifts and any other resource in keeping with local legislation.

Created the 1st of September 2006, CAURIFpurpose is the diffusion of trainings and courses, including in a professional aim, and especially :

  • "Social and professional insertion or reinsertion
  • "Acquisition, maintenance and perfecting of knowledge in communication, negotiation, contract law and writing techniques in modern languages and in certain foreign cultures
  • • Development of behavioural capabilities and interpersonal skills, of organisation, motivation and management skills in human resources and of training courses for trainers

CAURIF has the loan of a large room for courses in the Bayle Centre of Auribeau sur Siagne on Saturdays and Sundays (except during school holidays). Parking is available as well as accessibility for people with reduced mobility. The bus stop Le Moulin Vieux is easily accessible on foot.

Courses in Personal Development (yearly courses, contact us for the dates) :
  • in French,one Saturday per month
  • in English,one Sunday per month
Theme Workshops (two days or four half-days, contact us for the dates) :
  • Introduction to Active Listening
  • Transforming Weaknesses into Qualities
  • Reassuring a Recruiter
  • Writing my career resume
  • Writing my motivation letter

Membership is open to individuals who have paid their yearly dues of which the amount is determined by the General Assembly meeting at least once a year. In becoming active members of the association, members acquire the right to vote in the General Assembly. Honorary members who are dispensed with paying yearly dues in exchange for services rendered to the association do not vote in the General Assembly.

Information : 04 93 36 48 57