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Created in 1997, the Ad’Missions Group is an advisory company composed of a permanent management team and a network of experts with complimentary competencies. Administrator of these competencies, Ad’Missions regroups more than 3.500 salaried consultants throughout France, bringing in a global annual turnover of 24 million euros.

Above and beyond its Parisian home office in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Ad’Missions is also implanted in the provinces thanks to its agencies in Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Rennes, Strasbourg, Toulouse and Marseille. On the French Riviera since 2006, our consultant Joanne Wilson offers trainings in , New Attitudes ®and individual and group coaching in English and French.

The specificity of the programme New Start® Career Engineering, of which Joanne Wilson is the creator and owner of the trademark, is to be found above all in its pragmatic methodology founded on psychology conciliating efficiency and humanism, allowing participants to be sincere and authentic all while knowing how to reassure their interlocutors and how to evaluate the adequacy of their own competencies and qualities with the needs of others.

Strong with an immediate success at the launching of New Start® in 1999 (86% of the unemployed trained found work within 3 months), Joanne Wilson transposed this methodology to individual coaching which developed through word of mouth among company directors. Thanks to personal accompaniment New Start® enables them to better manage their time, stress and emotions, to maximise delegation, adhesion and motivation of their personnel and to attain their objectives.

Ad’Missions is an organism of professional training and continuing education registered under the number 11 92 09945 92. In order to ensure eligibility for financial coverage of your training by the collection organism into which your employer has paid, take time to dowload the training convention form from our site,or request it from Jean-Manuel Porto by mail or phone.

A company registered with the Nanterre Commercial Court Registrar under the number B 412 383 234 with a capital of 150.000 €, the Ad’Missions Group possesses an O.P.Q.C.M. professional certificate.

Ad'Missions, 120 avenue Charles de Gaulle, 92522 NEUILLY s/Seine CEDEX, tél: 01 41 92 98 60, fax: 01 41 92 98 61