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Franco SALVINI, trainer and therapist

Franco Salvini, trilingual (Italian, French and English), cumulates a career as teacher, psycho pedagogue and musician throughout Europe, Africa and the United States. When he was only 12 years old he directed an orchestra of adult musicians before the Pope in Rome. With a university degree in Psycho pedagogy obtained in Florence, where he also studied with Piero Ferrucci, a cornerstone of contemporary psychosynthesis, he also trained in group therapy with Carl Rogers.

33 Avenue de Lowendal, 75015 Paris, France
mob : (33) 06 85 66 85 16

Via del Lago, 4 - 51100 Pistoia, Italie
E-mail :
Tel : (39) 05 73 40 27 14
mob : (39) 34 05 52 53 01

After a general college degree in Classical Literature in Italy, Franco Salvini obtained a university degree in Psycho Pedagogy from the University of Florence followed by a Teaching Certificate for teaching Italian Language and Literature. While teaching Italian for the Ministry of National Education, he also practiced as a Psychologist-Pedagogue for various Italian clients (the Municipality of Florence, the CEMEA Association for Active Methods in Education, the Italian Institute of Psychosynthesis, the National Centre of Research (CNR) of the Rome-Florence University-School Group, …). He headed research groups and conferences with psychologists, teachers and parents on educational problems, structures of space and mental development, creativity in work, multiculturalism and bilingualism, etc. In 1978 he trained with Carl Rogers in Group Counselling. While still in Italy and until 1980, Franco trained in psychosynthesis and analytical psychodrama

As a Fulbright Scholar at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music he lived in New York from 1988 to 1991, where he pursued a multicultural education in music. In 1990 he obtained a degree in music (with honours) from the University of Rhode Island. Dispatched thereafter by the Ministry of National Education to work for the Ministry of Foreign Affaires, he was first sent to Ethiopia during four years where he taught language but also founded a musical group giving concerts in medieval and baroque music. As of 1995 he was sent to Paris where he linked up with the French Institute of Psychosynthesis where he still prepares and teaches trainers for their future professional uses of psychology and psychosynthesis At around the same period he started conducting Musical Listening Workshops in France, Belgium, Italy and Greece and more recently started training bereaved parents in Listening Skills for their work with the Jonathan Living Stones Association throughout all of France.

Since 2004, he has trained in the Feldenkrais Method (awareness by movement and functional integration), and shares his time between ensuring music workshops and training therapists and trainers in psychosynthesis in Paris, Florence and Milan. He has written several articles published in the Revue de Psychosynthèse by the French Institute of Psychosynthesis. His book, " Parlar Cantando ", destined for teaching children Italian through songs came out in 2003 and is published by the Editor Guerra, in Perugia, Italy.